Friday, 16 March 2018

Bad Habit Beauty - Athena Palette

hi guys!! 
i'm getting really rusty at blogging, i come on here occasionally then disappear months on end. really need to get my groove back, take more pics and upload more content on here. 

this year i'm hoping i can upload at least ONE makeup video on YouTube. been playing around with Lightworks lately, and the video on top is my first baby. HAHA (don't judge) just getting the audio in was a headache for me, i'm really not a professional in video editing at all. while all these YouTubers make it look wayy easier than it actually is. 

also, i recently created a new Instagram account (@crayomel_) for all things makeup related cause my old one just couldn't upload photos. yep, instagram just woke up one day and decided that i don't deserve nice things and stopped me from uploading ANYTHING on that account. i even had loads of problem with hashtags, as in i upload but nothing shows up when i follow that #. and yes, i checked, none of the #s i used were shadow banned. so yea, insta just hates me :( 

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all that aside, let's get on to the palette. 

today's post will be all about the Bad Habit Beauty - Athena Palette ($12), which is raved about all over YouTube for being one of the best dupes for the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette ($68). i mean, that price difference though. 

i, for one, don't own the Huda Beauty palette as it is wayy too expensive in Malaysia. currency exchange + international shipping problems :( 

after much research i decided to give the Athena Palette a go. I got it from an instagram seller (@fbeautybank) for RM85 + RM12 (postage within M'sia) = RM97. the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk on the other hand, is RM335 before postage. my broke ass def's can't afford that. =S  

the two palettes really are alike, quality wise, i am not sure. but according to a fair number of YouTubers, they claim that the Athena palette beats the Huda Beauty one? idk. let's move on to pictures of this gorgeous baby. 

without flash

with flash

close up with flash

under flash

x x x x
been using this palette for a month now. here are my overall thoughts on it:

packaging (10/10)
very sleek packaging with a sturdy mirror. everything is nicely done, definitely more than you would expect from a $12 palette. i wouldn't say it's as classy as the Huda Beauty one, but it's definitely not flimsy like some drugstore ones either. so it's almost high end packaging, but with drug store pricing?

shadows (7/10)
first things first, i don't like the smell. it has this chemical smell, and it's not the pleasant kind.

the shadows are similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) in terms of kick up, meaning you have to go in with a light hand, else shadow will be flying everywhere. this is different from Tarte, Urban Decay, Kat Von D, Too Faced, Colourpop eyeshadow palettes, where you can just swirl your brush in to get pigment, and there won't be much kick up / fall out as the ABH and this Bad Habit one. this can be a good or bad thing, depending on personal preference. for me, it's a slight turn off especially when I'm in a rush. don't want no shadow flying all over the place when i'm in a rush, y'know.

let's talk pigment. i find it weird, it's like these shadows have mood swings (like me). some days they're pigmented af, then other days i struggle to get colour to even show up on my eyes. sometimes i feel like they're too soft? when a shadow is too soft it annoys me cos i feel like there's nothing on my eyes. but then again, these are on bad days only. on certain days, the shadows are spot on, exactly like the ABH shadows. so i think its performance depends on how well you prepped your eye lids as well. (you have been warned)

i wanna talk about a few of my favorite shades in this palette!!

  • MEDUSA - ahhh this gorgeous rose gold shade. i love it, i'm so in love with it. 
  • CUNNING - it looks nothing like how it does in the pan when applied. it has this gorgeous pink shift to it which i can't help but love!!! 
  • POWER - finally a red shade that actually shows up red on the eyes. idk about you but i've had palettes with a gorgeous red shade in them, only to show up brownish/burgundy-ish on the eyes -_- this red gives the grungy red look, sort of how those Lime Crime girls look. hahaha 

lasting power (10/10) 
despite having trouble with the shadows on off days, they still last through the day!! which is awesome. i have super oily eyelids, but please do still prep your eyes like how you normally do. i haven't found any eyeshadow that didn't crease on me if i don't set my eyelids with concealer beforehand. so yea, if you're oily, just set your eyelids. 

x x x x 
that's all i have to say about this palette. do i love it? i definitely do. but i wouldn't say it is my number 1 palette, cause i love all my palettes equally (ha!) 

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