Thursday, 27 July 2017

Colourpop Yes, Please! Palette

ahhhh. this was such an unplanned purchase.

the Colourpop Yes, Please! palette was sold out immediately so it never even crossed my mind to get it. this is sort of my tactic to avoid disappointment lol. anyways, there are tonnes of comparison videos of this palette with Natasha Denona's Sunset Palette on YouTube. they're literally all over YouTube. how do people even afford the $100+ dollar palette i can't even. i saw someone on Insta who bought the N.D. palette for MYR700++ . siao 

cutting my story short, i stumbled on this instagram account (bless and curse you Explore Page for understanding my needs so accurately) that actually had this palette in stock. my eyes nearly fell out its socket (not even kidding). i googled to make sure it actually is this palette LOL. i didn't want to end up buying a wrong palette. i say this because they posted the box (yellow YES, PLEASE!) and the actual palette (white, CUTE AF) together. uhm confusing much, Colourpop? so is it the Yes,Please palette or the Cute AF palette? hahaha either way, both are good names!

and that, my friends, is how i met this palette. (ha ha)

the Yes, Please palette retails for $16, but here in Malaysia we have to endure international shipping, currency mark ups, and local postage. T_T i got it for MYR112. not too bad considering it was ready stock. i received this palette last Monday, today is Wednesday and I have not had the time to swatch them. WHAT? so just these gorgeous pictures will do. HEHE isn't this palette pretty?? did i mention i'm also very happy because this is my first round-panned eyeshadow palette??? ugh can't wait to dip my finger and brush in the pans. SOON!

before i end, let me just sum up my first impressions of this palette:

➷ packaging - mad love for the packaging. it's small, compact and sturdy. it has magnetic closure, no mirror, which is fine for me. i never use the mirrors anyways. only con is it's white and looks like it'll get dirty pretty easily. especially when you're using and the shadows kick up. boooo

➷ size - a lot of people were saying that it's really small. i was pre-informed hence i was not disappointed! hahaha but it's not that small, same size with Tarte's Tartelette in Bloom. I checked, it even has more product (overall) compared to ABH's Modern Renaissance. *shock face* anyways, i'm not complaining about the size cause i'm already having trouble finishing my eyeshadows. *gulps

➷ what's with the shade name Big Cocktails tho? watched a few YT tutorial and every time the person says "apply Big Cocktails on your crease" .. "now i'm going back to Big Cocktails and dipping a little more at the side" i cringe. LMAO! i can't be the only one.

okay for real. picture time:

that's all for my post! hope you enjoyed the pictures and i hope these pics helps you on your decision whether to get this palette or not. :P it is limited edition but there's a restock soon. i suggest you get it before it's gone!!!

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