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Zhuco Cosmetics - Unicorn, Choco, TOP {review}

yaszz. today's post will be about a local cosmetic brand - Zhuco Cosmetics!

if you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed how mildly obsessed I am with this brand.

first off, they're from Borneo! can't remember how i stumbled upon their page, but i fell in love with the colors they offered and also the packaging of the lipsticks. price wise, it is very very reasonable @ MYR35 each. sometimes they even have promotions & you can get them cheaper.

i was skeptical at first so I only tried one color - Choco. it's their most in demand shade and is constantly sold out, i was lucky enough to get one through a seller in Miri. oh, i should mention, it's really easy to buy from them if you're staying in Malaysia as they have agents spread all over the states. I got mine from a local seller so i saved on postage. that's awesome 'cause i'm a cheapskate when it comes to paying postage. oops*

the lipstick is very much comparable to high end brands like Kylie Cosmetics & Stila. I only mentioned these two as I have their liquid lipsticks. can't compare them to brands i have not personally tried out yet. :)

in short, the Zhuco Cosmetics liquid lipsticks :

i) are fast drying 
these dry down pretty quick. takes a little more time compared to Kylie, but it's not too much of a hassle.

ii) does not stain your glass/bottle (well, you know the struggle)
i tend to shy away from lipsticks as i find it annoying when i see the stain left behind on glasses/bottles whenever i take a sip. amazingly, these do not. so if you're out with a night of drinking with your girls, best believe you can trust on these lippies.

iii) stays on forever! 
these are kiss-proof once they dry down. and won't budge unless you have a heavy oily meal. :p

but of course, these aren't perfect. they're not food proof. if you eat something oily, they will wear off! tbh i don't think there's any liquid lipstick out there that is oil/food proof. even Kylie wears off after eating. so either don't wear liquid lipsticks to eat, or chop your food into smaller pieces so you can avoid it touching your lips altogether. ahaha. or just bring your lipstick out for touch up! oh, these are slightly stickier compared to Kylie & Stila. but after a few use i feel like they're less sticky? not sure if i just got used to it or... lol

but hey, Zhuco is RM35, Stila RM99 and Kylie ~RM110 (price for liquid lipstick only), i'd say the Zhuco is a pretty good alternative if you don't have tonnes to splurge on lippies.

close up of the applicator

the three shades i got from Zhuco Cosmetics.
swatch on my hand from left to right (/bottom to top) - Unicorn, TOP, Choco

Top most is Choco. followed by TOP & Unicorn.
TOP & Unicorn are the newer shades that also came in a newer more slick packaging. :D

more swatches! L-R: Unicorn, TOP, Choco (w/o flash)

L-R: Unicorn, TOP, Choco (w/ flash)

a little breakdown on the shades: 
[tried to take pics of the swatches to be as close to the real thing as possible.]


Unicorn is a really pretty mauvey purple shade. it somehow reminds me of Poison Ivy and gives out a "don't you dare mess with me" vibe, which i adoreeee.

TOP is a brownish shade, something like Kylie Cosmetics' Brown Sugar // Dolce K. I have Dolce K and am in love with it but just can't fork up the $$ to get the full size. (i'm currently using the Birthday Edition mini's) I find this to be a good dupe, albeit a little bit darker than Dolce K.

Choco is definitely the more wearable shade among the shades i've chosen. no wonder it's a big hit. it's a gorgeous terracotta brown that goes well both day & night.


what do you think of Zhuco Cosmetics' liquid lipsticks? feel free to head down to their website or instagram page to view the range of shades they carry.

instagram: @zhucocosmetics
facebook: Zhuco Cosmetics


this is not an ad or sponsored post. i wrote this on my own freewill as i love their products.


  1. What brand of foundation do you recommend for a oily skin?

    1. hello there,

      i'm still in search for my holy grail foundation to be honest. so far none of the foundations i've tried has helped stop the oil. However, i do recommend Urban Decay's deslick-powder. it works wonders in making your face look matte and i noticed that my face gets oily after a longer period of time.

      hope this helps! x



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