Thursday, 1 June 2017

Becca Champagne Splits

today's spotlight is on the BECCA Champagne Splits in Champagne Pop and Flower Child. 

i know i know.. this review came damn late. idk why i left it in drafts for so long. as you can see my motivation to update this blog comes and goes. anyways, don't expect a professional/thorough review from me as i'm no makeup pro. just enjoy the gorgeous pics. hehehehehe 

i mentioned in my Sephora competition post that i won RM200 sephora voucher. so this was what i purchased using that :P else i doubt i would've splurged RM209 for this!!! just thinking about the price of this hurts my poor heart. why oh why are Becca makeup so overwhelmingly pricey!? 

need i say more? it's just too pretty for words.

i chose the Champagne Pop + Flowerchild combo. it was between this and the Prosecco Pop + Amaretto, i opt for the champagne/flowerchild combo as i lack a soft peach/pinky blush in my collection. plus Amaretto looks more to a bronzer for my skin tone.

i don't think i need to say much about this highlighter and blush. BECCA is infamous for their highlighters (mainly Champagne Pop) and long lasting blushes. i love everything about the champagne splits, especially the packaging! its shiny gold packaging just screams l-u-x-u-r-y!

one thing to note though, these are extremely fragile!!! brought it travelling once, wrapped it in bubble wrap, and it still cracked. :( thankfully it can still be pressed back into the pan, but the crack line is still visible. i used to store this in an acrylic storage, it's slanting sideways. i always put it back gently after use and one day i notice the same crack! yea, very fragile.

so now i store it like the queen it is (lol) inside an acrylic drawer, laid-flat!! lol. this is definitely the Mariah Carey in makeup world.

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