Sunday, 8 January 2017

Morphe Single Shadows {review}

excited to be blogging about the Morphe Brushes (standard) individual eye shadows. they're the bigger pans in my DIY Palette, pictured above. Smaller pans are depotted from Sleek Makeup's Oh So Special iDivine Palette. 

actually got the Morphe single shadows for quite some time but very rarely use it. prolly 'cause i'm slightly OCD, i dreaded reaching for this palette due to the different eye shadow pan sizes. yes i know i'm weird :/ 

anyways, one day i looked at these and started swatching and was kinda shocked with the results. i don't remember them being this pretty and pigmented LOL! 

let's get on with the swatches shall we. 

- under flash - 

 swatches under normal room light (white lighting)
aren't these gorgeous??? i would say i love them all, well almost all of them. detailed review below:

 swatches under flash. brb crying


Review/Honest Opinion:
the 4 Morphe single shadows that I picked up are ES95 Private Agent, ES78 Bronzed Ivy, ES59 Rosewood and ES21 Gum Drop. i've labelled the shadows in the pic above for easy reference.

ES95 Private Agent - this is my fav out of the four. i love the color, it's just so unique. like a grey/ghoulish purple. this color is very pigmented as well, and there's minimal to no fallout when applied.

ES78 Bronzed Ivy - a very gorgeous dirty bronze metallic shadow. this shadow is the creamiest among the four, (well shimmer/metals are usually more creamy than mattes) and yes, it is super pigmented!!

ES59 Rosewood - this is my least favorite. when swatching it with my finger, it feels chalky and dry, and patchy when swatched. i don't think i've ever used this shade, mainly only did finger swatches with it, 'cause i just did not like the color and how it feels. the thing about this shade is, it looked different on the website, which is why i ended up not liking the real thing. :( blame it on the limited Morphe single shadow reviews/swatches out there. also, you can actually see how chalky it is in the first pic of this post. :|

ES21 Gum Drop - last shade! this too, was not the color i was expecting. on the website it looked more to a bright, warm orange shade, which was what i was into at the time. it's a pink peach color in real life. the texture is similar to ES95 Private Agent. not as dry as ES59 Rosewood.

x x

i'm not a big fan of pinky shades (they're too girly for me imho) but when i do pick up this palette i always use ES21 Gum Drop at the crease, and ES95 Private Agent on the lids. then i blend the two together to soften the look. easy peasy :D

ES78 Bronzed Ivy I use if i'm doing a heavy night eye look. don't normally use too much metallics in the morning (aka to work) as my face oils pretty quick. don't want them metallics to melt and sprinkle shimmers all over my face. boohoo :( 

alright, that's it for my review on these shadows! hope it helps you in some way or another. :) 

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